Regal Style Square WEB Tables


The 46 inch Accessible Square WEB In-Ground Mount Regal Table with 2 Seats adds a distinctive look to your outdoor space. With its trendy design, this table is great for locations where stylish amenities are a must. Our popular Regal style features ¾“ #9 expanded metal inside a 2” x 2” iron frame for a classic look. The Regal Square WEB Table is available available in a 2, 3, or 4 seat option and available in an ADA accessible design, which is available in a 2 or 3 seat option. Standard tables are 46” and all ADA accessible tables are 46” x 57”. In-Ground, surface, and portable mounting options are available. All tables include an umbrella hole.

Textured polyethylene coating helps hide scratches and mars, while keeping the product looking better longer. Unlike Plastisol, polyethylene leaves no drips on the product.

Plastisol – Our plastisol is made with a 90% gloss shine, unmatched in the industry.  Not only does our gloss enhance the overall look of our product, it also helps with UV protection. In addition to our 90% gloss shine, our plastisol products have a smooth surface. While our competitors’ products have a porous surface that is susceptible to stains and dirt build-up, our plastisol is completely smooth which acts as a stain repellent and helps prevent dirt build-up. [Available on Tabletop and Seat Top(s)]

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