8 Foot High Hanging Cantilever Shade


Looking for shade and sun protection without a center column to get in the way?

The Hanging Cantilever features two upright posts and is an economical way of shading spaces using a cantilever style frame. This type of cantilever has a preferred max width of 18′ but can be configured with multiple bays to cover any distance. It is ideal for applications where the single upright post per side allows for maximum use of shaded space below without the need for additional support columns.

This structure is one of the best and most economical ways to provide car parking shade coverage, poolside shade, and other outdoor sun protection solutions. Featuring a convenient, out-of-the-way column that does not obstruct use, the outdoor suspended cantilever makes it possible to conveniently and attractively shade areas that require more open space than a traditional hip shade or umbrella can provide. Enjoy open walkways, lounge areas, gathering places, patios, or whatever you like beneath the convenient shade of your cantilever. Shaped like a rectangle, this large structure can adequately and attractively cover spaces where sun protection and shade are a priority.

The Hanging Cantilever works beautifully in a variety of settings — from apartment complex parking areas to public swimming pool lounge spaces. Whether you use it as a great solution for covering walkways, bus stop seating, or bleachers, you have a safe and effective shade structure with this product.

This is a surface mounted cantilevered shade.

Kit Contains:

  • (2) – Columns – Flanged Cantilever
  • (2) – Beams – Flanged With Caps
  • (4) – Elbows – Glide
  • (4) – Rafters – Swaged One End
  • (1) – Ridge Pole – Swaged Both Ends
  • (2) – Joiners – Rectangular Profile
  • (1) – Fabric 20′ x 12′ With Cable Insert
  • (1) – Frame Hardware Kit

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